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Your Data Remains Private

There is no chance of third parties using your connection to get your identity or location. We keep you safe and masked from all threats.

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Portability for Your Home Services

Take a little of home with you when you are traveling. With our VPN client, you can access all your favorite accounts from anywhere in the world!

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Your Protection Follows You Everywhere

DiscreetVPN VPN makes travel easy and low stress, because you can connect to it anytime, anywhere.

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Security is Doubled for Your Household

With the help of the best encryption technology out there, we’re able to protect you no matter what comes your way while surfing the web.

Lightning Speed Server Power

Patience is great, but you shouldn’t have to wait – that’s why DiscreetVPN is built with speed in mind!

No Hands!

You never have to be frustrated with wait times when you’re using our VPN client. Streaming is flawless and happens seamlessly

Zero Logging

Within just a few moments, you’re able to setup your VPN client and get it going. Then, you can get back to spending time with your family.

Instinctive Shut Down

Your information is never logged when you’re on our servers – that means that it’ll stay safe from all third parties!

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